Since I took my post as Ambassador of the Gabonese Republic to the United States in September 2011, Mr. Sincere has worked closely with me in improving the Embassy’s capacity to communicate more fully and more broadly with Americans.

To this end, he has drafted speeches for me, sometimes at very short notice. He has also ghostwritten items for publication and assisted in editing the Embassy’s web site content and our newsletter.

Mr. Sincere has shown a remarkable facility for translating my own thoughts into fluid remarks that I have delivered before audiences of business leaders, academics and students, government officials and diplomats, artists, and others.

As an example of his quick turnaround talents, I recently learned on a Friday morning that I would be speaking to a group at the Kennedy Center that evening. Mr. Sincere was able to take an extremely rough draft and transform it into a delivery-ready set of remarks within just a few hours.

— Ambassador Michael Moussa-Adamo

Mr. Sincere and I have worked together for more than 10 years..

Over the years, Mr. Sincere has shown himself to be a quick study. If I were to assign him a project such as writing a memorandum on a topic he had never previously researched, he could produce it within 48 hours and require little, if any, editing or amendment.

As a ghostwriter and speechwriter, he has been able to create documents that tell the same story or make the same argument in such different words that a reader would be unable to detect that a single writer drafted them.

Speeches he drafted have been delivered by ambassadors, corporate and trade association leaders, and politicians from the United States and foreign countries.

Mr. Sincere has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of history, government, and politics – and what he does not know, he knows how to find it. He has a facile mind, sound judgment, and diligence .

— Thomas S. Kim

Over the past two decades, Mr. Sincere and I have worked together on a variety of projects on four continents. As part of the team from Scribe Strategies & Advisors, an international consulting firm with offices in London, Pretoria, and Washington, we have represented heads of state, political party leaders, and corporate clients.

Mr. Sincere has proven to be a diligent and adept wordsmith, producing speeches, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, and background memoranda on a wide range of topics. He works well under deadline, sometimes producing lengthy documents within 24 hours of receiving an assignment. He specializes in ghostwriting English-language speeches and articles for clients whose first language is other than English, adapting their voices to the projects so that his own style is invisible.

I recommend Richard Sincere highly for his judgment, editorial skills, and work ethic. If you choose to utilize his services, you will not be disappointed.

— Anthony McCall-Judson


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